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I grew up in Yellowstone National Park, my father is a Park Ranger there. I can’t begin to explain how lucky I was to have been able to grow up inside a National Park. It was quiet an experience, and I would really love to give my future children a similar unique experience.

I started working seasonally for the National Park Service the day after I graduated from high school. I was lucky enough to get hired on through the STEP/SKEP program which is today known as Pathways. I was a GS-03/step 1 Forestry Technician, and I worked in the Wildland Fire and Aviation Dispatch Center. After two summer seasons there, I decided I wanted to work down the call in the Communications Center, which in all honesty, is a full-blown Emergency 911. I absolutely loved working in dispatch, but I knew I really wanted to get out into the field. After three seasons in dispatch, I was lucky enough to get picked up as a seasonal Law enforcement Ranger,  I spend my first three seasons working out of the Justice Center, as a jailer in Mammoth, WY, before finally getting out into the field in my fourth season as a patrol ranger in the Mammoth district, the same district in which my father worked as a patrol ranger.

As I was preparing for the summer season of 2018 which I was going to be spending at Mt Rushmore, I finally got the opportunity to take a permanent position and leave the seasonal life behind me. Gateway Arch National Park called and offered me a full-time position, just two weeks before I was supposed to head to Rushmore, naturally I couldn’t say no to a permanent position, so I headed to St Louis MO to start my career as a permanent with the National Park Service, which brings us up to current day.


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